Locator identifying and marking underground utility lines

Utility Locating

Sentry Private Utility Locating uses the latest equipment and proven methods to find underground utilities. With our services, you can get the utility line locations and other underground data you need to work on your site with speed and confidence. Work with us today and start building structures smarter.

Concrete Scanning

Concrete scanning is used to inspect concrete slabs or columns before coring or drilling. Concrete scans are completed using ground-penetrating radar (GPR) technology for quick and accurate inspections. GPR is both safe and noninvasive; by using transmitted waves and their reflected signals, we can analyze the subsurface to detect embedded objects.

GPR Locating

GPR (Ground-Penetrating Radar) Locating

GPR, unlike more traditional EMLs, can pick up non-metallic objects and utilities in a completely non-intrusive way. This unique feature makes the use of GPR for utility surveys almost mandatory in an industry that is increasing its use of plastic piping on utilities. GPR has more uses than just mapping utilities. With the right equipment and expertise, it can be used for pavement/bridge/roadway inspections and void detection.

Utility location is the process of identifying and labeling public utility mains that are underground. These mains may include lines for telecommunication, electricity distribution, natural gas, cable television, fiber optics, traffic lights, street lights, storm drains, water mains, and wastewater pipes. In some locations, major oil and gas pipelines, national defense communication lines, mass transit, rail and road tunnels also compete for space underground.

Utility Mapping

Utility maps are important any time you are breaking ground as they show accurate locations of the buried utilities. Utility maps can prevent damage to the utilities and potential harm to the public or your workforce. A utility map survey will provide you with the confidence to progress with your project and ensure that there are no surprises along the way. Utility maps identify "safe" areas for excavation and confirm the safest route for proposed utilities.


Camera Inspection

The first step in almost any repair is locating the source of the problem. A camera inspection doesn't require any cutting or digging, and time is money. Our camera inspection allows our professionals to pinpoint any drainage problem, whether is a clog, tree root, or broken line. Take the guesswork out of solving your plumbing problems!

Hydro Excavation Service

This practice is quickly becoming the preferred method of excavation for digging in high risk areas and daylighting underground utilities. It allows for safe, precise and non-destructive excavation, mitigating the potential for property damage.

Drone Services

Drone Services

Sentry provides drone services for a number of applications, including:

  • Real Estate Photography- Aerial Images
  • Construction Projects- Progress Photos
  • Agriculture- Crop Inspection, Soil and Field Analysis, and Irrigation Management

Sentry Pilots are FAA certified, insured, and experienced in capturing the information you need.